Born and raised in Iowa, Jeffrey Dodd began his career in visual merchandising at Ralph Lauren. After graduating from Pratt Institute’s celebrated fashion design program, Dodd was recruited to join the Rachel Zoe design team where he was instrumental in launching her fashion line. In 2014, Dodd launched his eponymous collection. An exceptionally talented artist, draper and pattern maker, Dodd crafts modern classics that express effortless elegance, timeless artistry and luxurious minimalism. Dodd received the prestigious 2018 Rising Star Award for Womenswear by Fashion Group International and was selected by the City of New York as a 2016 Design Entrepreneur. Dodd is often featured in key global publications, including Vogue, ELLE, InStyle, Us Weekly, People, The Daily Mail, Glamour, Grazia, New York, and Departures – who selected Dodd as one of their prestigious “Departures 100.”


JEFFREY DODD blends modernism and thoughtful detailing to create clothes that are understated and distinctive for women of all ages. The collection is defined by colors, fabrics and prints that work seamlessly and transition from day to evening. At the heart of each piece is a sense of uncomplicated, quiet luxury. Inspired by both his childhood travels and his love of art and architecture, Dodd draws on diverse inspirations – from the American Southwest and its desert landscapes to Italian Modernism and the juxtaposition of colors and textures in nature. He plays with these seemingly incompatible elements to create modern, meticulously detailed yet effortlessly relaxed collections. Implicit in the creative process is his intuitive understanding that each woman brings her own personality and lifestyle to her look. Dodd continuously reminds us that it is a creative interplay between him and the women he dresses.